MRA - Music Identifier - Music Discovery

MRA (short for Music Recognition Application) is a free music recognition application, or music identifier, like Shazam but for Windows developed by Emircan 'Jadquir' Gezer with .
MRA listens to your microphone or the desktop sound and identifies the music then gives you information about the music like title, artist, album, genre, etc. You can listen to the music on different platforms, see lyrics, see similar kinds of music, and so much more.

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  • MRA - Music Identifier - Music Discovery Main Menu
  • MRA - Music Identifier - Music Discovery Music Details Page
  • MRA - Music Identifier - Music Discovery Playlist Page

Supporter Features

  • MRA Transfer to the Spotify Button
  • Transfered Playlist From MRA

Spotify Integration

  • Easily connect to Spotify and sync your MRA playlists with just one click
  • Discover personalized Spotify recommendations based on your favorite musics you've found with MRA.
  • Create Playlist Menu
  • Adding Music to a playlist in MRA


  • Create, orginize, share your custom playlists.
  • History and Liked Musics Backup Menu in MRA

Backup Feature

  • Easily save and restore your MRA history and liked music.
  • Karaoke-like synced music and lyrics in MRA

Synced Music Lyrics

  • Enjoy karaoke-style lyrics synced perfectly with your musics.
  • Detailed Artist Profile Page in MRA

Detailed Artist Profiles

  • Dive deep into artist profiles, explore their music, albums, and save them directly to your library.
  • And also explore musics from the same album with ease..
  • MRA Search System Screenshot 1
  • MRA Search System Screenshot 2
  • MRA Search System Screenshot 3

Music Search

  • Search for your favorite musics.
  • MRA Multi Selection Screenshot

Multi-Selection Actions

  • You can now orginize your playlists faster and more convinient way by selection multiple musics at once.


MRA Supporter Features Tier 1

Tier 1

  • Support me on a monthly basis
  • Get Access to MRA Playlist Feature
  • Get Access to MRA Backup Feature (3 slots)
  • Get Access to Music Search System
  • Get Access to multi-selection actions
MRA Supporter Features Tier 2

Tier 2

  • Support me on a monthly basis
  • Previous Tiers Rewards
  • Get Access to MRA Backup Feature (10 slots)
  • Get Access to Synced Music Lyrics
  • Get Access to detailed artist profiles
  • Get Access to musics from same album
MRA Supporter Features Tier 3

Tier 3

  • Support me on a monthly basis
  • Previous Tiers Rewards
  • Get Access to MRA Backup Feature (30 slots)
  • Get Access to MRA Spotify Integration, transfer your MRA musics and playlists to Spotify


* is Recommended Caution!
Certain antivirus programs flag the auto updater as a trojan, despite it being completely safe.
You can download Auto Updater separately if you want it.
The Microsoft version is no longer being updated. You can find the announcement here.
*Windows Installer (v0.109.0) (Latest Version): Download
*Windows Zip File (v0.109.0) (Latest Version): Download
*Auto MRA Updater: Download
Microsoft Store (v0.103):

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